Weekly agenda | 20th – 26th Feb

Good morning you all!

Before we head to this week’s agenda, let me give you two cultural tips. Don’t miss the Ed van der Elsken’s exhibition at Stedelijk. Camera in love the largest photographic and filmic overview of the legend, with a lot of important documents on Amsterdam, and its characters. It will stay until May but, you know how it goes: you postpone it, and before you know, it is over. And since you are there, go see the Tinguely’s Machine Spectacle. His machine sculptures are huge, playful, and a way of rejecting the static convencional art, and the status quo of the artist. A surprising, bizarre, and hilarious spectacle. Make sure you go early in the morning, or late in the evening on Friday. Otherwise, if you are anything like me, the permanent crowds might overstimulate your nerves, and we don’t want that.

Let’s hover over to this week’s cultural agenda. Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

Tue, 21st, 20.30 | While we strive | Frascati

Dance. An energetic performance that explores the relation between movement and sound, and seems to really get to you, in its simplicity and intensity. Ranked by the NRC as one of the five 2015’s top dance performances.

Wed, 22nd, 19.30 | Discussion Night: Feminism and Sexuality | Atria – free entrance

Discussion. Have you ever felt conditioned in the expression of your sexuality because of being a woman ( assuming you are one). What role do gender constructions play in sexual interactions? In case you are enrolling the discussing, don’t forget to read the sources recommended ( at the event info).

Thu, 23rd, 20.15 | De Avond van de Filmmuziek | Het Concert Gebouw

Concert. An evening of renowned film soundtracks played by no less than the grammy winning Metropole Orchestra, at no less than Het Concert Gebouw. Make sure to bring tissues with you.

Thu, 23rd, 20.30 | Duets with Jim | Frascati

Theater. Andrea van Beek wants to tell us about Jim. And for that she created a musical dialogue between herself and her handicap son Jim, who communicates only via the vocal sounds he makes. If you hold of a  We Are Public pass, you get free entrance to this show.

Fri, 24th, 22.00 | Dj Kutlul & Zorro presenteren: The Akula Rhythm Band | Pacific Parc

Concert + djs. The bands and djs of tonight seem to have a common denominator: African rhythms. It is going to be a big surprise, but my sixth sense for parties tells me this is going to be a good one.

Sat, 25th, 23.00 | Carnaval Brasileiro | Claire

Party. So it seems there is a proper Brazilian Carnival in town. Claire will have carnival rhythms in one room, and some house classics in the other. They say there will be a percussion band too, and that you should wear your wig. You wouldn’t miss a chance to wear your wig, would you?

Sun, 26th, 16.00 | Clube do Samba | Monumentje – free entrance

Concert. My Christmas day was spent listening to Clube do Samba, and it couldn’t have been a better program. Fine Brazilian tunes in an all Dutch setting.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat. Also, make sure to check the We Are Public cultural selection for the month.

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