Weekly agenda | 13th – 19th Feb

Yesterday I kept myself busy with a sort of poem. Yes, that is what I did the entire day. I got totally obsessed by it, while trying to – ingloriously – finish an article. I also did yoga, vacuum cleaned, went to the movies, and cycled half the city, in attempts to get inspired and energized for the actual article. The article remained in draft, after all, silent as the night, but the words of the poem wouldn’t stop plaguing me. Then, before bed, I did an instagram story with parts of it, and felt a slight relief. Conclusion: don’t watch a Jim Jarmusch movie on Sunday evening if you need to have an article ready the next day. Especially not one where you hear things like “If you ever left me I’d tear my heart out and never put it back”. My poem started like this: There’s a black space in my chest. That space is you.”

And let’s hover over to important stuff. This week’s cultural agenda. Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

Tue, 14th, 20.00 | Tommy Genesis | De School

Concert. What to do on Valentine’s day? Treat yourself (and your eventual partner in crime) to a concert at De School by ‘the most underground rap queen’, according to Dazzed & Confused. They say she’s raw and provocative and, if you have a We Are Public membership card, you get to see her for free.

Wed, 15th | Stukafest Amsterdam | various locations

Festival. Welcome to the Stukafest, in which twenty rooms of students are to become cosy venues for intimate concerts, literary happenings, storytellings of all sorts. An opportunity to have a taste of what’s going on amongst our younger generation of artists.

Thu, 16th, 19.00 | A City Made By People #15 | Zoku – free entrance ( registration necessary)

Talks. Go inspire yourself with the talks organized by Citinerary: A City Made By People. Here you meet passionate citizens and their urban projects, and this time you’ll hear the stories of a street art duo, a designer, and a birdwatcher. The setting is Zoku, the coolest hybrid of a hotel and an office, with a stunning rooftop view over the city.

Fri, 17th, 20.00 | The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night | Mezrab – donation based event

Storytelling. If you follow Amsterdive’s agendas, you know by now that this event is a big favorite of mine. People gathered around a big carpet – middle eastern style – to hear a diverse array of stories, while eating Iranian home-made soup.

Sat, 18th, 14.00 | Het Grote Fiasco | Casco Amsterdam

Party. This party entitles itself as ‘the most beautiful mess of the year. They say you should expect disorganization, mistakes, chaos. Other than that, there will be theater, live music, djs, food, and drinks, and ‘the most idiot adventures’. They have won my heart already, and the party hasn’t even started.

Sun, 19th, 16.00 | Stampvol: Trio Tango Extremo | Noorderlicht – free entrance

Concert. A violin, a piano, and a double-bass. Tango extreme is all about ‘tango-nuevo’ combined with classical, jazz, and Brazilian music. They have been performing in virtually all the stages of the low lands, and Sunday they will be at one of my favorite places in this city: Noorderlicht at the NDSM.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat. Also, make sure to check the We Are Public cultural selection for the month.

2 thoughts on “Weekly agenda | 13th – 19th Feb”

  1. Love this series, Ana! It seriously helps socially challenged but interested people like myself! haha..I can also relate to the whole ‘writing for myself while I’m supposed to be finishing an assignment’ part of the post as well!



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