Weekly agenda | 23rd – 29 Jan

Have you been keeping your good intents for this year, people?

Yesterday I got this message from a friend saying how much he had liked my previous story, that it was original, that he appreciated my “contemporary fairytales”, that I should definitely keep on going this way. At a moment when I’m panicking loaded with work, this incentive meant the world to me.

So, boys and girls, whatever you are into, stay strong. In case you find yourself in a down, change the game immediately. Get outside, go for a walk, do some sport, talk to an uplifting friend, go out dancing, find a cliff or a corner where to scream from, whatever works. Breathe and take it from there. The moment is now. This whole conversation is the consequence of me thinking that maybe a little reminder could give you guys that extra kick in the butt you might be in need of.

As for your leisure time, allow me to suggest a number of things I think are worth of our attention. Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

Tue, 24th | Béla Tar – Till the end of the world | EYE Filmmuseum

Exhibition / Cinema | The opening the Béla Tar exhibition is today! They call it the most influential film author of the last three decades and he’s back with work which is viewed as a last statement against the situation of refugees in Europe.

Wed, 25th, 20.00 | Turkish Classical Music Sessions | Mixtree (OT301)

Concert | Listening to Turkish folk music played by Çiğdem Okuyucu (vocals) and Mehmet Polat (ud) seems to me like the perfect way of spending an Wednesday evening. Add food, Turkish wines, and raki to the equation.

Thu, 26th, 22.30 | Kebab by night #5 | Pacific Parc ( free entrance)

Concert / party | “Man man man… Just when you thought you would take it easy for a month, we don’t give you a choice.” I had to laugh at the description in the event because what I thought when I saw this was: “oh boy, here we go again”. Here’s the menu of the night:  Radio Martiko, Kumasi, and DJ Ma Baker. “Dessert blues, Habibi House, Oriental, Rai, Dabke Bellydance, Arab, Turkish folk & Disco, Bollywood”.

Fri, 27th, 20.00 | The Original Storytelling Night | Mezrab ( donation based event)

Storytelling | Yey!, the original storytelling at the Mezrab is back! This evening is an encounter of people from all walks of life, where the most diverse and surprising stories are shared. Take a seat around the carpet, eat some soup mommy Mezrab prepared for us, and marvel.

Sat, 28th, 21.00 | Cumbia Go! Go! Fiësta | Mezrab

Concert / party | And, by the way, on Saturday, you should come back to Mezrab for a serious cumbia night, with live music and djs until 3 a.m.

Sun, 29th, 16.00 | Clube do Samba | Monumentje ( free entrance)

Concert | I spent my Christmas afternoon listening to the Brazilian rhythms of Clube do Samba at Monumentje, in the company of my mommy, and it was lovely. Going back is a must. By the way, do you want to get a boost in your Portuguese? Then there’s a Brazilian Workshop & Brazilian Cafe at the MixTree (OT301),  this coming Thursday the 26th (19.00).

And last but not the least:

Sat and Sun, 28th -29th, 09.00 – 17.00 | IJ-Hallen 28 en 29 januari | NDSM

Flea-market | The coolest flea-market on earth takes place this weekend again, at the NDSM Werf. Are you in need of new items/outfits for upcoming parties? Or some exquisite furniture for your new home? GO. THERE.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat. Also, make sure to check the We Are Public cultural selection for the month.

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