Week (end) Agenda | 31th Oct – 6th Nov

This week starts with three main intentions: eat in a balanced way, move more ( outside whenever possible), and go see more theater. I was assaulted by a cold last week, and therefore was limited in what I could do. So the idea now is boosting my general health situation the most I can so that not only I feel better, but I also can accomplish more. Which is highly necessary when you wear a lot of hats in your daily life.

As for the theater intention – it really does make me happier, it really does bring inspiration to my life, it really uplifts me. It couldn’t be simpler than this. And I want to cover more of it to the blog. And, without further ado, let’s get to this week’s cultural menu.

Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get weekly updates of selected events, please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, of course.

Mon, 31th Oct – 21.00 | Halloween NIGHT AT Vrankrijk

Party. Starting the week with a celebration. Isn’t it the best that can happen? Vrankrijk is a former squat, currently a work, living & cultural organization.

Tue, 1st Nov – 19.15 | Ai Weiwei – Freedom of Expression under surveillance | EYE

Exhibition. Marcel Feil, Foam’s curator, comes present this exhibition of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. There will be videoworks selected by Ai Weiwei himself, about the surveillance situation in China.

Wed, 2nd Nov – 20.30 | Magic Carpet Sessions – Atlas Ensemble | Mezrab

Music. This evening is named after Magic Carpet Sessions, and just because of the name I feel urged to go to Mezrab. A trio of musicians – the Atlas Ensemble -, will play setar, sarangi and tombak. It will be, in a way, a journey to Iran through its traditional music.

Thu, 3rd Nov – 19.30 | Touristification of Amsterdam: dialogue & discussion | NieuwLand – free entrance

Discussion. This is a topic that urges discussion, and it will be held in English. What are the consequences of mass tourism to the city of Amsterdam? With dr. Johannes Novy (Cardiff University), author of the book ‘Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City’. dr. Fenne Pinkster (University of Amsterdam), tourism- and marketing expert Stephen Hodes (author of ‘Amsterdam: inspelen op de toekomst’).

Thu, 3rd Nov – 21.30 | Cowspiracy – Kriterion

Film. The renowned Cowspiracy will be shown at Kriterion, with the collaboration of De Groene Amsterdammer. This documentary by Kip Andersen, has been seen since its release in 2014, as the most powerful document to discuss the environmental impact of mass meat production.

Fri, 4th Nov – 20.30 | Antigone – The International Theater in English | Het Compagnietheater

Theater. For the ones who don’t speak Dutch but don’t want to miss out on theater, here’s a solution. And it seems like a hell of a solution because The International Theater in English will perform no less than Antigone – Sophocles’ classical Greek tragedy. Just look at their trailer:

Fri, 4th Nov – 20.00 | Dance & Music Impro Night | MixTree (OT301) | (donation-based)

Dance. There’s a dance & music improv night at OT301, in which musicians and dancers will explore the possibilities of multidisciplinary. Contribution will be 3 euros.

Fri, 4th Nov – 22.00 | The Devil In The Flesh – Creepy Halloween |Azart Ship of Fools

Party. No Friday is a real Friday without a party of course, and at the Ship of Fools they know how to organize a good one. The Blue Saloon Burlesque Cabaret Theatre will be performing and there will be djs. Oh yeah, and it’s late Halloween over there.

Sat, 5th Nov – 16.00 | There is no us in masterpiece | Stedelijk

Performance. I just love the name of this performance. It makes me think of the current obsession with self-development, and a sort of idea of perfection which underlies it. Anyway, the performance plays with the realms of acting and reality, and you get in for free with a We Are Public membership card.

Sat, 5th Nov – 21.30 | Brasil in the Brewery #6 // Roda da Holanda | Oedipus Brewing

Party. The best Brazilian party in town, with live music by Roda da Holanda. These guys always offer the best opportunities to dance the night away. And, it happens in a brewery, so we won’t be missing out on quality beer.

Sun, 6th Nov – 13.00 | Badplaats Winter Sessions w/ Nathaniel Klumperbeek | Volkshotel

Music. Hot tubs, live music, and the stunning view of the Volkshotel rooftop. Samba, afro and funk will make your afternoon. Bring swim wear and towels if you want to take a dip in the tubs. And let’s pray not to have to fight too much for a place.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.




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