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Week (end) agenda | 12th – 18th Sept

With this late-tropical summer we are facing, I’m sure a lot of our original plans are going to be replaced by outdoors options. Anyway, the program for this week looks like an exciting one (as usual), so maybe we can find a compromise between sunbathing / barbecuing and feeding mind / soul. Yes, vitamin D is also very necessary to the soul but well, you know what I mean, right? Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. And we’ll start out tonight in the best of fashions, with the fiery rhythms of my dear friends Guzanghida.

Tue, 13th – 20.00 | Guzanghida – De Pepper @ OT301 – free entrance

The coolest west-African percussion band performs again at the podium of vegan restaurant De Pepper, at the iconic cultural center OT301. Their rhythms put you directly in natural high state. Donation-based event.

Thu, 15th – 20.00 | Oh La La – La Rentree – Nieuwe Anita – free entrance

The rentree at Nieuwe Anita can only be ‘that’ moment for us to practice the best of our dance-moves to 100% french music and pretend we are at a Godard film setting.

Thu, 15th – 19.30 | Balfolk – Mezrab

This will be definitelly a ‘gezellig’ evening. Traditional west-european dances restored to an up-to-date setting. You dance in pairs or in a group, and everybody dances with everybody. Forget social media. If you truly want to socialize just go dance!

Fri 16th – Sun 18th | Feminist Art Fest – KunstWest Amsterdam

This festival named “The Rebellious Muse” is all about the position of women in art and philosophy. The coming weekend will be filled up with lectures, exhibitions, performances, bands, djs, vegan food. Girls, let’s gather our swords.

Fri, 16th – 17.30 | Unseen Photo Festival Openingfree entrance

The official opening of “Unseen” will be held at the magnificent Amsterdam’s School building ‘De Schip’. This festival is a 10-day celebration of photography in Amsterdam, and the full program is here.

Fri, 16th – 22.00 | Bloemen voor de Pracht van de Nacht – Noorderlicht – free entrance

Celebrating full moon at Noorderlicht with a concert and an offering of flowers to the Ij river! How beautiful is that?!

Sat, 17th – 13.00 | Smaakboulevard – Amstel park – free entrance

Another food festival. But, as far as I understood, next to food, this one promises to offer real local goods as well, such as the garage design creations of your neighbour, and that makes me feel hopeful.

Sat, 17th – 21.00 | Karabiber Balkan Beats Night – Mezrab

A Balkan Beats Night is always something to be considered. An event at Mezrab is always something to be considered. Karabiber, “Amsterdam’s extaltic & heartwarming balkangypsy”, is a regular band at the Mezrab. Convinced already?

Sat, 17th – 23.00 | Wild Things – Ruigoord

Again, a festival called “Wild Things” at the artistic village of Ruigoord sounds like a promise of paradise to me. Fire acrobatics included.

Sun, 18th – 10.00 | Ecstatic Dance – Club Lite

Ecstatic Dance is an institution in Amsterdam. Unbelievably, I’ve never been to one of their “meditations of dance, light and community” events. But I renew here my strong wish of doing so. By the way, this week you can join an ecstatic dance tonight, Thursday, or Sunday (link above).

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.


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