Week (end) agenda | 5th – 11 Sept

It gets more and more and challenging to select events as the weeks go by. There’s a world of stuff to do in this city, especially now, in the beginning of the cultural season. More often than not, I wish I had the gift of ubiquity in order to attend everything I’m interested in. Usually I choose one event for each day. If schedules allow and I manage to combine two events on the same day, then I’ll highlight both. However, there are often so many good options in the weekend, that I have to include a few of them in the agenda. But I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible here. This is supposed to be a selection and not an exhaustive list (for the latter, you can use the links in the end of this post).

Don’t forget that when you click on the events you get redirected to their website. Free events are signaled as well.

Mon, 5th Sept – 22.00 | Boogie Nights – Kriterion (cinema)

This month, Paul Thomas Anderson is the man of the Modern Classics, at Kriterion. Every Monday you can watch one of his classics for the friendly price of 5 euros. Today there’s Boogie Nights (35mm).

 Wed, 7th Sept – 19.15 | The Migrant (moving) Image – EYE (Film Museum)

The EYE is hosting a program in reaction to the current migrant crisis. This first part focus on illegal migration: the Harragas, who are, literally, those who burn, in arabic. This refers to refugees who burn their passports, a radical gesture which is intended to prevent they are sent back. What consequences does this has, politically as in terms of identity?

Thu, 8th Sept – 19.30 | Vegan Food & Tailor Birds – Dokhuis | free entrance

First you ( can) enjoy a meal at a very affordable price (which you need to reserve in advance). At 21.30 you watch Tailor Birds, led by neo folk artist/electric violinist Sophie Kinston. And then there’s a dj until 00.30.

Fri, 9th Sept – 21.00 | Alta Cumbia Nite II – OT301 (Overtoom)

Cumbia night! There’s not much more to say. Live performances & djs (local & international cumbia acts). Arrive before 22.00 and you pay just 5 euros entrance.

Sat & Sun, 10th & 11th Sept – 09.00 | Ij-Hallen Flea Market – NDSM

Biggest flea market of whole Europe, the Ij-Hallen is already an Amsterdam classic. Two full days of treasure hunting! I will be selling there on Sunday so if you happen to spot me, come say hi!

Sat, 10th Sept – 22.00 | Traffic Tower Radio Club – De Ruimte (@ the Verkeerstoren)

This sounds like a very fun program to me, at a cool location, with a selection of fine local djs who are making us dance to the sound of Funk, Boogie, Disco, and even a tiny bit of classic house.

Sun, 11th Sept – 12.00 | Czar Peterfestival – Czar Peterstraat | free entrance

This lovely street organizes its early neighborhood festival with food, music, fashion shows, and even a recording of a famous dutch song (‘Verdomd Alleen’ from Ciske de Rat) sang by as much nationalities possible!

Sun, 11th Sept – 19.00 | Belgica – Cinecenter 

Cine Expat Amsterdam organizes recent foreign classics with English subtitles for the non-dutch speaker. This week you can watch the Flemish ‘Belgica’ (directed by Felix van Groeningen), which was one of the hits of 2016 over here. Afterwards there are movie talks in the bar, with the programmer.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.


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